Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer
  • People who need healing.
  • Staff traveling to and from clusters and other places.
  • Communications Team as they are busy preparing Annual Report and other UMN products.
  • Yagya who is working on his visa application for the UK to study for his Masters in Education.
  • Preparations for Programme Management Committee and Technical Forum meetings which will be held next week.
  • Preparations for November Board of Trustees Meeting
  • Preparation work and people involved in finalisation of UMN Project Agreement
  • Business Innovation Group as they work to support Leadership Team over the next few weeks.
  • Dr Lisa, for good environment and relationship as she has restarted working with hospital staff in Bajhang. She will focus basically on enhancing capacity of medical staff.
  • The PRA training and baseline of new BWAA Livelihood project – for effective implementation and safety of all who are involved in this process in the communities of Doti and Rupandehi
  • Richard Clark and family as Janice passed away on Friday last week after a long battle with cancer. Richard and Janice worked in UMN from 1972 to 1986, first as hostel parents in Gandaki boarding school where Richard also taught science and later in Kathmandu where Richard was the UMN Education Secretary.

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