Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

pray for

  • Safety
    and protection of staff traveling to and from clusters and other

  • Board
    members as they travel to Nepal to attend Board meeting and also
    when they make visit to clusters.

  • Board
    meeting on Monday and Tuesday next week.

  • David
    & Hannah Hough travelling to Tansen on Tuesday for 1 week of

  • Rajanee
    Nyachhon’s daughter who is hospitalised as she is suffering from
    Typhoid and Tonsillitis. Pray for
    complete and quick healing and pray for Rajanee and family as they
    take care of her.

  • Pray
    for hospitals’ agreement

  • Pray
    for transportation system in Okhadhunga

  • Pray
    for Okhaldhunga building project, especially for good coordination
    between management, contractor and architect.

  • Pray
    for Tuk, Erik and Magne in Okhaldhunga as they supervise their
    respective teams.

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