All-round quality improvement in the far west
All-round quality improvement in the far west
When a child gets a good education it can alter their future for the better. Nepal has great educators and UMN is coming alongside them in their work to provide training and teaching materials to enhance the quality of education. One school in western Bajhang District is experiencing the positive impacts of our support.
 Kulmastajan Secondary School has 21 teachers and around 700 students in grades 1 to 12. Established in 1962, the Government of Nepal supported the school with the building, toilets, drinking water and desks. The government helped to lay a solid foundation; UMN saw the opportunity to build on that. UMN’s Far Western Education Project (FWEP) has helped by providing training and educational materials in the hope of improving the overall quality of education.
 FWEP provided child-friendly training to teachers, the School Management Committee (SMC), the parent and teacher association and child-club members. They also gave the school educational materials and new furniture for grades 1 to 3 to create a more child-friendly environment. This included things like tables, carpet, cushions, door mats and shoe racks. FWEP also helped upgrade books in the school library. 
Inspired by the training, the school is now applying a child-friendly teaching methodology. The school also started teaching in English medium in grades 1 to 3 in the new academic year. The community was excited about this and it led to an increase in numbers, with 163 new students enrolling. “After FWEP enhanced the capacities of teachers and SMC members and provided teaching materials we decided to start teaching in English medium in our school,” says Headteacher Mohan Thapa. “Thank you very much for supporting our schools.

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