Running her own fruit shop
Running her own fruit shop
Empowered and honoured – that’s how 35-year-old Roshanti Gurung from Dhading District feels today. Inspired by a business training she received from UMN’s partner Dhading Christian Society (DCS), today she is successfully managing her own fruit shop. 
Three years ago, Roshanti joined Vijaya Women’s Group, which was set up by Vijay Church. Yam Bahadur Tamang, the facilitator of the women’s group, recommended her to attend a business training. UMN partner DCS was running a training called “Start and Improve your Business”. Roshanti was eager to attend the two-day workshop. Through the training Roshanti learned how to choose the right business, what factors to consider for profit and how to create market links. She was also inspired by stories about people who had been successful in starting their own businesses. 
Motivated by what she had learned, Roshanti made a plan to start her own fruit shop in her town. DCS was impressed by her plan and awarded her 3,000 NPR (approximately 21 GBP) to start her business. From there she started her fruit shop and it’s been a success. On average she earns 1,000-2,000 NPR (USD ) each day. She’s been able to use this money to pay for the education of her children and help pay for her family’s household needs. “I used to ask my husband for the smallest family needs,” says Roshanti. “Now I don’t have to bother him for petty things.” 
Even more than this, Roshanti has learned a valuable lesson about her own independence and ability to contribute to her family and community. “Now the ladies in my women’s group count on me. They ask me questions and hope to learn from me. I feel empowered and honoured.”

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