Call for Justice
Call for Justice
It began with home visits by a group of volunteers to ensure children are better protected in families. In partnership with Kapilvastu Institution Development Committee (KIDC), UMN formed a child protection committee to look closely into issues of child marriage, child abuse, child labour and other forms of child violence that takes place in societies.
One of the homes they visited was of Budhi Prasad Kalwar in Kapilvastu, whose three sons are wage labourers in India. The group was shocked to find out that the youngest son Sunil, was also not spared. At the age of 12, Sunil was cleaning and washing dishes in a restaurant in India. The NRP 2000 (USD 20) that he earned monthly and sent back home helped his poor family to make ends meet. After several visits and counselling, the father finally agreed to go and bring his son back home.
Sunil shares, “When I saw my dad come to get me and he said I am going back home and will start school, I cried. I always wanted to go to school and be home with my family. I used to watch the children in India march to school with uniforms and I never thought I would one day go to school wearing a uniform.” He later shared with KIDC how hard his life in India was, and that he never got enough to eat.
Something Sunil never dreamed was happening to Sunil. Not only was he with his parents but he was actually going to formal school. He is a happy 12-year-old studying in Grade -1 in Basudev Janata Secondary School. Sunil’s father is happy with this decision and is determined to see Sunil finish school. The Child Protection Committee is also working on scholarship for Sunil.

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