The Sheep and The Goats
The Sheep and The Goats

Sheep and goats are a major income source for farmers of Pina and Rara VDCs in Mugu. Scabies and other external parasites (like fleas and mites) and internal parasites (tapeworm, liverfluke, and roundworm) are a serious problem to farmers, as they affect the growth and development of animals. Farmers face the problems of reproductive health disorders, lack of weight gain compared with age, and even the deaths of several animals each year.

Farmers were very worried. Vaccine is expensive in the local market, and farmers were unable to provide this to their livestock. One vial has 10mL volume, costs NRP 540 (AUD 6.35), and can treat 10-12 sheep and goats. Considering this, UMN’s partner GSS started holding animal health camps and treated 1334 sheep and goats from Pina and Rara VDCs with IVERMECTIN vaccine. GSS provided the vaccinations, with 40% contribution from group members. This camp was conducted in April, and staff suggested that farmers vaccinate their animals twice a year.

Because of this programme, sheep and goats are growing well and gaining weight. There has been no occurrence of death by epidemic diseases. Farmers are happy with the positive impact of vaccination on their animals. Farmers are also convinced of the importance of vaccination, and are committed to develop the habit of vaccinating their animals regularly.

Singa Rokaya of Rara VDC said that GSS revived their sheep and goats through this animal health camp.

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