Unexpected Success
Unexpected Success

Karan Nath lives in Kahamekhola, Doti. He is the son of Yagya and Nabina Nath. Karan was born with bilateral club feet, so he was not able to walk without assistance.

UMN’s Doti partner, Disabled Service Organisation, collects and files information about differently-abled children in the district. Karan Nath was one of them. He was selected and received the opportunity of UMN rehabilitation treatment services. UMN provided treatment for him at the Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children, Banepa. He received better medical treatment, had an operation on his legs and was given special shoes. After the operation his bilateral club feet are now normal. He is able to walk easily and normally like other children.

His mother Nabina said: “Before treatment, our whole family was always sad and worried about his condition, because he is our first child. People talked about my child, saying that my baby was so cute, but disabled – what to do with a disabled child? After treatment, I am very happy to see the improved life of my son. Now he walks easily.” She is thankful for our services and help. “My son got a second chance at life, so we got an unexpected success,” she says.

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