What UMN is Doing #8
What UMN is Doing #8

It’s now nearly two months since a series of
earthquakes and aftershocks wreaked havoc in Nepal, destroying homes,
businesses and historic buildings in the Kathmandu Valley and flattening
whole villages in remote and rural areas.

As the relief effort
continues, villagers are busy preparing for the onset of the monsoon.
Scattered rain and storms have already been experienced. Families are
building temporary shelters from bamboo and cane, timber and sheets of
tin retrieved from their broken houses, and the ubiquitious orange and
blue tarpaulins that dot the countryside. Everyone is frightened – not
so much of continuing aftershocks, but of the threat of landslides once
the heavy soaking monsoonal rains loosen the already unstable slopes.

monsoon always brings with it an increase in water – borne diseases.
This year the risk is higher, as families are living in confined spaces,
with less access to proper hygiene. Many toilets have been broken or
damaged, and open defecation is again common.


commitment to provide emergency relief to people living in seven VDCs
in Dhading is virtually completed. Yesterday (Thursday 18 June) the last
four helicopter flights into Lapa carried in bags of rice and other
materials. It has been a long, hard two months of procurement, sorting
and packaging, transporting and distribution – our staff in Dhading have
worked incredibly long hours, seven days a week. We are proud of their
efforts, and also thankful for the work of the many volunteers who
worked alongside them. UMN’s comprehensive relief package provided each
household with a tarpaulin, at least one blanket, 50 kg of rice, 7 kg
of lentils, tea, sugar, spices and cooking oil, a hygiene kit and a set
of kitchen utensils. In addition, UMN provided pregnant women and women
with disabilities with “dignity kits”, and distributed safe birthing
kits to health posts.


  • UMN has
    had a long relationship with a small low caste community called
    Pipaltar. As little other assistance had reached this Kumal community,
    UMN distributed relief packages to 117 households there.
  • We
    still have a stock of tarpaulins in our Dhading warehouse, which will be
    reserved for targeted distribution as needed during the monsoon
  • Some left over materials will be distribution to our faithful volunteers, who worked so hard over the last two months.

southern areas, rice had already been planted before the earthquake;
high altitude rice is planted later. With the monsoon immanent and loss
of rice seed, farmers are likely to depend more on vegetable crops this
year. UMN is purchasing and distributing packages of vegetable seeds
(around 2000) to households in our working areas. We are also purchasing
tool kits, for rebuilding and for agriculture – 2000 of each.

for the reconstruction and rehabilitation phaseUMN is in discussion
with the district administration in Dhading regarding the next phase of
reconstruction and rehabilitation. We plan to work in five VDCs: Lapa,
Jharlang, Ree, Mahadevsthan and Pida all areas where we have
longstanding relationships and partners. Our work will include support

  • Infrastructure: shelter; walking paths and small bridges; water, irrigation and sanitation; schools and health posts.
  • Human
    well-being and protection: community hygiene and sanitation; addressing
    conflict, human trafficking and gender-based violence; psycho-social
    support; nutrition (especially for small children); life skills for
    adolescents; Temporary Learning Centres and child-friendly educational
  • Livelihoods: sustainable livelihoods in agriculture, animal husbandry and small business.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: preparedness planning and building resilience.

concept paper and budget has been circulated to our supporting
partners, and a detailed plan is being developed. We are trusting God
for the provision of funding to cover the gap between what has been
committed and what will be needed to see the rehabilitation process
through the next two years.

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