Carrying Covid-19 relief over rough roads
Carrying Covid-19 relief over rough roads
At the start of July, UMN supported the local government of Rukum East and West Districts to equip 21 local health facilities and three quarantine centres with essential supplies for Covid-19 prevention and protection. Our partners Christian Society Development Campaign (CSDC) and Nepal Magar Society Service & Information Centre (MIC Nepal) distributed many items including thermal guns, oximeters, water-tap buckets, PPE sets, soap, sanitisers and masks (see the list).
Some of the rural municipalities of Rukum are geographically hard to reach due to monsoon and road disruption. With support of local partner staff and volunteers helping to carry items by foot (see photos) it was possible to deliver the materials to the health facilities.
There are currently five people who tested positive for Covid-19 in Rukum among which three have recovered. In total, 941 people are staying in quarantine centres in Rukum.

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