Prayer Points – July 6
Prayer Points – July 6
Dear partners in prayer, 
Even though Nepal continues to climb the coronavirus infection curve, the pace of new events has slowed.  We will now be sending these updates on Monday and Friday, two times a week rather than three.  We are grateful for your continued faithful support in prayer which is bringing us through the many challenges we face. 
In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, UMN invites all people of prayer to set aside time daily to ask for God’s help in our work in Nepal. The time suggested for UMN staff is 3.00 pm. For our friends around the world, we ask that you join us either at the equivalent time in your country of 3 pm Nepal time, or whenever you are able. Many have found setting a daily alarm on their phone a useful reminder. 
Thank you for your fellowship in prayer.
Joel Hafvenstein 

“We do not make requests of you because we are righteous,
but because of your great mercy.”
(Daniel 9:18) 
We encourage everyone who is praying for UMN not only to raise our requests but to listen to God on UMN’s behalf. Please take time to read this Bible verse slowly to yourself. Pause and ask God to speak through His Word. Then read it slowly again. Settle and calm your mind before you pray.
Major Matters for Prayer
  • Here are some recent insights to life in Tansen Hospital. Last Thursday, for the first time since lockdown, Outpatient tickets sold out – over 400. That is the good news. The bad news is social distancing became impossible and some local news reporters visited and commented on the crowding. The numbers probably went up because it wasn’t raining and much of the rice planting is done. On Friday morning it was raining again, and only about 200 tickets were sold. Buses still aren’t running, so poorer patients are still finding it hard to get to hospital. There are Covid-19 patients in isolation in some locations around the town, but none in the actual hospital. Please pray for all staff in the daily routine of work which can change so rapidly from one day to the next.
  • Please continue to pray not just for our hospitals but for all clusters where there are projects focused on public health issues. There have been 34 deaths in Nepal due to Covid-19 and the entire focus has been on the pandemic. However the whole healthcare system in the country is under strain. The pandemic has set back the treatment of other types of health issues – for example each year around 6,000 people in Nepal die of TB. It is believed that globally the fight against TB has been set back by between 5-8 years. This example is just a cameo of the many challenges facing the country in coming days.
  • Many medical experts recognize that even the best efforts at testing have been fraught with difficulties. To genuinely get on top of the problem effective testing and tracing are needed and this has proved impossible given the huge influx of returnees. Please pray that an accurate understanding of the extent of the problem will be gained and that work to contain and treat the disease will stop the spread.
  • Monsoon season is the time of floods, landslides and travel accidents. The weather forecast for later this week is for likely widespread flooding with river banks breaking. This adds further desperate hardship for the poorest communities. Pray for protection and for all who work to help in these situations.

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