Happy children, happy families
Happy children, happy families
To bring a little joy to the children who would otherwise be pushed to the edge of the society, Nepal Disabled Protection Forum (NDPF), a UMN partner in Rukum, organised a scholarship distribution programme on 26 May. Twelve deaf and hard of hearing students of Nepal Rastriya Secondary School  received scholarship support in the form of basic stationery, sanitary items and school uniform. 
The students who received the support are residential students and most of them are from financially very weak families, as a result their parents cannot support their education monetarily. 
“Our students need two sets of school uniform per year and stationery such as note book, pen and pencil but it is very difficult for us to maintain that with just the support that we get from government,” says head teacher Udhyog Jung Malla. 
The scholarship materials they received recently can be used for at least six months which will free them from having to worry about educational materials. This has brought happiness in the faces of these children.The school has expressed their gratitude to UMN and NDPF for the encouragement that these children have received through this programme. 

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