In case of an emergency
In case of an emergency
Disasters can hit anywhere, anytime and are unannounced. It is important we always stay alert and follow safety measures in case of an emergency. On Sunday at UMN Thapathali office, Security Training was provided to six of our security guards to refresh their security duties and to update their knowledge.
One of the participants of the training, UMN’s Site Manager, Ratan Ale shares, “UMN premises is comparatively large therefore it is important our security guards stay alert and aware about their duties in case of an emergency. For example, fire and earthquake alarms are installed in the office buildings, but that’s not enough, our security guards need to have a clear understanding and knowledge about the steps to be taken when an earthquake or a fire alarm goes off.” 
UMN’s Programme Manager of Security and Disaster Management Binod Awale, who facilitated the training informs that there are certain procedures and drills that needs to be followed during an emergency. “Fire extinguishers are installed in a number of locations within Thapathali office buildings but knowing how to use the extinguisher and to refresh your knowledge in this is important,” he explains. 
Of course, if a disaster doesn’t occur, we are thankful. In case it strikes we have the peace of mind to know we are better prepared.

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