Indra’s success, at last!
Indra’s success, at last!
On the celebration of International Youth Day 2018, here’s a story of Indra who struggled and finally made it as a successful micro-entrepreneur.
Indra is probably one of the most successful entrepreneurs the ICAV project of UMN has produced. He has been through a lot of hardship in his life. As a school boy, he was compelled to collect firewood to sell in the market to contribute to the family income. 
Like many Nepali youth struggling with unemployment, he tried desperately to leave the country to work abroad. Sadly, this didn’t bring much success either. The income from the gulf company he was working for wasn’t enough to make ends meet, and he struggled to send money back home.  After some time, he was back in the country with nothing in his hands plus huge debts incurred during recruitment. He also has a painful story of his marriage breaking.  But this did not deter Indra from staying hopeful and positive.
A year ago, an opportunity came knocking in Indra’s life when he was selected by CDF (UMN’s partner) for a vocational training on motor rewinding. This was a happy turning point in his life. Following the training, UMN also helped him set up a workshop by providing some tools needed for his work. But success didn’t come right away. The first few months were difficult he says as people were reluctant to give their machines for repair to a newcomer. He even struggled to pay the rent of his workshop for some months.  Indra worked hard and gave his best to please his customers with excellent service. Eventually, his customers grew, and Indra got busier. Today he is surrounded by his tools and is seen busy working and taking orders. 
As a successful micro-entrepreneur, he finds the biggest joy in being able to provide well for his family. He is able to save around NPR 15,000 (USD 143) a month and has even bought a motorbike which has made life easier for his work and for his family.
The ICAV project’s vocational training programme has trained 1400 Nepali youth from rural communities. UMN offers the chance for trainees to turn a skill into a business in their village.

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