Making Nepal greener
Making Nepal greener

Makrahar VDC, Rupandehi district, will be much greener, following a community tree-planting day last week. The women of the Hariyali and Lali Guransh Self-Reliant Groups spent the day busily planting about 1200 saplings in an open area. The trees will help to protect the soil, provide shade and eventually timber for various purposes. Teak and bakaino were the main species planted. The women will continue to look after the saplings until they are strong and sturdy.

Meanwhile, in neighbouring Nawalparasi, women in the hilly region of Dhobadi VDC have been planting broom grass. The women, from the Jagriti NFE class women’s group, hope that the grass will provide a source of income. About 15,000 plants have been planted in 5 khata (0.17 hectares) of land.

Nearly 430 bamboo saplings have been planted in Devchuli VDC to protect the Kumsot Drinking Water project which UMN supported last year. This very steep area is seriously affected by landslides. It is hoped that the mature bamboo will reduce landslides and result in fewer pipe breakages in the future.

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