Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

Please pray for

  • Continue to pray for Ramprasad’s son Ishan for recovery.
  • For Vijeta whose 2.4 kg baby boy was born August, 1st. Both are still in the hospital. Vijeta is fine, Her baby was critical at first, and he is still on oxygen, but now his breathing is getting much better. They hope to be able to go home in a few more days.
  • Pray for Bina Maharjan and her family who are grieving the loss of her father.
  • Pray for Sanu Raja’s mother who is critically ill with acute pancreatic since Saturday and has been admitted to ICU unit in Kathmandu Hospital.
  • For Nora Collins, tutorial group teacher for Tansen, who will arrive in Nepal this week on Thursday and begin language study next week.
  • Anjana’s mother-in-law is in the hospital, pray for her quick recovery.
  • Mark’s meetings and conferences in Australia, and his safe travels as he returns next week.
  • For Ruth and Jerry Clewett and Malcolm and Cati Ramsay as they are packing, saying good-byes, and getting ready to return to Nepal next week.
  • Safety and protection of staff as they travel to and from cluster and other places.
  • Wisdom and guidance for all planned works and activities.

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