Muddy puddles day!
Muddy puddles day!
It is a very big day today for the farmers in Nepal – a celebration to mark the beginning of paddy plantation. Rice is planted from the last week of June to the first week of July and harvested in November. Farmers gather in their fields, plant seedlings, splash mud at each other, dance and eat the beaten rice and curd delicacy.
Rice is cultivated in 1.5 million hectares of land in the country. It is considered an important staple crop in Nepal contributing around 22% in our National Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
To mark this day, the Livelihoods Team of UMN organised a special snack of beaten rice and curd (dahi chiura) for all UMN staff in Thapathali.
Let us hope the harvest will be good and plentiful this year. 

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