Shova’s story #TaraiFlood
Shova’s story #TaraiFlood
Shova Rana Magar, 35, is expecting and is only 15 days away from her big day. Just when she was taking good care of herself and doing her final preparations for the new baby, the floods came and swept away all the properties of the family including the valuable stored food. Her husband, the bread winner of the family is a daily wage labourer in Sunsari.
Shova is a member of a Self Reliant Group formed by UMN and her second daughter is a child partner of UMN’s CCCDP project. 
A couple of days ago Shova did find her way to UMN’s relief distribution centre in Morang with her daughter. She patiently spent two hours to get her relief package for the family, which she is going to hold on to for the new arrival as well.
Even in the midst of this misery she smiles and says, “I am so happy for what I have received. The food items and the non-food items are a big support to me right now. Thank you.”
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