Cows in the classroom #TaraiFlood
Cows in the classroom #TaraiFlood
After the flood, people took refuge in concrete school buildings for several days until the water levels receded. When they left their flooded houses, they brought with them all that they could manage to bring, including their cattle.
At the temporary refuge station, the classrooms were now a new home for the cows, buffaloes and goats for a few days.
People needed to cook meals for so many families taking refuge at the school. In one school in Sunsari, they forced open a class room door and used the furniture in the classroom as firewood.
The principal of Saraswati Basic School of Amaduwa, Sunsari says, “The school has resumed but we are still struggling to run classes in some of the classrooms. There is still a lot of cleaning work to be done, the school furniture need to be replaced, the toilets are in a terrible condition. Though the school was not damaged by the flood it has been badly affected by the flood.
The children have not been able to be regular to school either. They are expected to help at home to help with the post-flood cleaning and repair. We hope to eventually get back to normal school days. “
UMN would like to thank the schools in Sunsari and Nawalparasi for allowing us to use the school premises during the relief distribution.
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