The Mighty Penns
The Mighty Penns

This week Anne and Alan Penn will be leaving UMN after almost six years’ service here – not bad, for a couple who came for just two! They’ve had farewells with their teams, an open afternoon tea for friends and staff, and on Monday, UMN paid them tribute at a traditional “Tea in the Garden”.

Their contribution to UMN has been immense. Alan has built up our Funding Management work substantially, establishing excellent systems and processes, developing the skills and confidence of staff, and finally handing the team over to the capable hands of Bibhu Singh. During this six years, UMN’s income has increased and our relationships with overseas partners strengthened. Anne’s role in the HR Team, particularly with the recruitment of expatriate appointees, has been invaluable. Her careful, systematic approach, seasoned with loving concern for individuals and families, has been much appreciated. She has become an expert on Kathmandu real estate while finding homes for appointees, and has managed office moves within UMN so effectively that we’ve all decided we will be staying where we are from now on, rather than try to move without her help.

We wish Alan and Anne all the very best as they transition back to life in the UK. We know that God will use their skills and their commitment in new and exciting ways. In our experience, the Penns are not only mightier than the sword, but mightier than just about anything!

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