David Gets the Gong
David Gets the Gong

David McConkey (currently UMN’s Liaison Director) has received the prestigious Social Service Award in recognition of his contribution to social work and development over the past 27 years. The Vice President of Nepal, the Right Honourable Parmananda Jha, presented David with the award at the 33rd Social Service Day ceremony last Saturday. The theme of the day, Mero desh, mero karma, samaj sewa mero dharma (My country, my responsibility, social service, my belief) aptly describes David and his wife Ann’s long-term commitment to their adoptive country, based on their desire to serve God and the people of Nepal.

David and Ann came to Nepal first in 1976, and worked at Gandaki Boarding School in Pokhara until moving to Kathmandu to take up the role of Education Secretary in 1986. Ann worked with a variety of women’s groups, and served as LOP co-ordinator for a year. After nine years back in the UK and one year in Thailand, they returned to Nepal in 2001, where both contributed mightily to developing a new understanding of how UMN could respond to changing circumstances while continuing to reflect Christ’s love and compassion through its activities.

Congratulations to David – and to Ann. May God continue to use your many skills and your vast experience here in Nepal, and wherever else He may place you!

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