Sangasangai (Together), a book that will empower local Christian churches and communities to address common social issues, was released this week. Based on the Umoja manual, which was developed in the African context, this Nepali version is a guide for churches and Christian organisations on how to start and manage a community-focused programme, including how to build relationships with the wider society. It provides simple but effective tools such as Bible studies and energisers to enable the churches to understand the biblical foundations of integral mission.

Sangasangai encourages people to reflect on the available local resources as blessings from God. It helps bring about an inner transformation in people, enabling them to contribute towards the good of the wider society. It has the power to change people’s mentality from “We’ve nothing” to “We’re blessed.”

A joint project of Micah Network Nepal and UMN, this book will be a valuable tool for the Nepali Christian community as it seeks to be the Salt and Light in its society, and empower others to be the agents of transformational change.

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