Waterloo Visitors
Waterloo Visitors

Last week Rampur Higher Secondary School (RHSS), UMN’s partner school in Doti, had two visitors from their partner school, Waterloo School, in Portsmouth, (UK). The two schools have become partners through the Global School Partnership Program, run by the British Council, and RHSS is the first government school outside Kathmandu to take part in this exchange program.

The visitors met with teachers and other staff, some officials, and also with some mothers from the mothers’ groups of the primary level. The most important meetings took place in the classrooms though, as the two teachers from England visited every class from KG to Class 12. In a very good way, they showed us what real “student-centered” teaching/learning is, through interaction with the students and by laughing together with us in fun games.

In May, two people from RHSS will be going to England to visit Waterloo School, and then we hope that the partnership will continue with an exchange of ideas, joint curricular activities and hopefully also more visits.

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