UMN Bids Goodbye to Jennie Collins
UMN Bids Goodbye to Jennie Collins

In a farewell programme held in UMN Thapathali garden on Monday 11 May, UMN staff and friends thanked Jennie Collins, outgoing Executive Director (ED), for her service and friendship within UMN and Nepal. Former UMN project representatives and friends also gave Jennie gifts and spoke about her warm friendship and inspirational leadership.

In addition to words of praise and thanks, Jennie also received flowers and several gifts, including a few collage-filled picture frames. UMN’s technology team also gave her a special farewell gift – her personal website, Thapathali teams gave short but highly creative and entertaining tributes depicting Jennie’s trademark words, personality, dress style, and working style. These presentations were enjoyed by all present, not least by Jennie herself.

Visibly moved by the out-pouring of emotions and experiences, Jennie gave a heartfelt farewell speech. Jennie said, “UMN has grown into an effective agent of change and transformation in some of Nepal’s most marginalised communities,” and added, “and I have been fortunate enough to be a witness to these changes.”

UMN’s new ED Mark Galpin and his wife, Liz, were also welcomed into the UMN family. Jennie did the honours by garlanding Mark and Liz and gave Mark the much-coveted Executive Director’s Bible and the key to the ED’s office. David McConkey and Bibhu Singh concluded the programme with a special prayer for Jennie.

Mark summed up the mood of the programme when he said, “I am touched and inspired by Jennie’s example and her impact on UMN,” while also being mindful that hers were “pretty big shoes to fill.”

Jennie, we wish you well!

Click here for pictures from Jennie’s farewell.

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