Happy Women’s Day! – Inspirational Stories from Bajhang
Happy Women’s Day! – Inspirational Stories from Bajhang
Celebrating her grand-daughter’s birth
Putali Devi Budha from Bajhang endured hardships in her life after becoming a widow at an early age. Facing accusations from the community, she raised her two sons and a daughter braving all the challenges. After becoming a member of a women’s group through UMN’s Behavior Change Project, she learnt about gender equality. So, she sent her daughter to school. Recently, she invited all the community leaders and other women to celebrate her granddaughter’s birth although some people talked negatively about it. Celebrating a girl’s birth is not a usual practice in her community.  She believes change should start with her and her family. She feels peace and happiness as she now advocates for gender equality and other social issues. She aims to send all the girls to school as she takes on the lead to advocate about equal education of daughters in her community.

Women’s group leads alcohol ban
The community groups working against the Harmful Traditional Practices in Bajhang focused on reducing harmful alcohol consumption this year. New rules and guidelines were formed to help this initiative led by a women’s group. One of the rules prevents any selling and consumption of alcohol before five in the evening. Women’s group setting rules for the men in the village, isn’t that amazing?

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