Strengthening Mental Health terminologies
Strengthening Mental Health terminologies
It is imperative to make sure that the true meaning of words is not lost in translation. In light of this, ‘Mental Health Terminology Translation Workshop’, was held at UMN Thapathali office yesterday. It was organised by the International Mental Health Conference 2018 group in which UMN is one of the key organisers. Some of the leading psychiatrists, psychologists, public health professionals and language specialists of Nepal attended the workshop. 
UMN’s Programme Manager of Mental Health, Shristee Lamichhane shares, “The main objective of this workshop was to collect suitable Nepali words for translation to English terminologies. The feedback and the conclusions from the workshop will be validated and finalised at the International Mental Health Conference 2018, which is being held on February 16 and 17.”
She further adds that this initiative will help to establish Nepali words in Mental Health work.

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