Prayer Points – May 4
Prayer Points – May 4
  • The government’s National Planning Commission (NPC) has issued a rare invitation for NGOs to share feedback, in this case on how Nepal’s systems need to change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please pray for good ideas and clear communication skills for UMN’s Programme Support Team as they work to compile UMN’s submission to the NPC.
  • Pray about the great pressure that UMN leadership and Cluster Team Leaders are currently under. Many district authorities and community leaders are expecting UMN to be rapidly supplying money and equipment to immediate needs. Requests have been made for blankets and masks for quarantine centers, PPE for health posts, and food packages for ultra poor. UMN must respond in the most careful way possible. This means accountability, monitoring, and being careful to do no harm through poorly planned reactions. These are difficult issues – please pray.
  • On Friday last the Incident Management Team agreed to release funds of approximately $1,500 USD to procure PPE for health posts in the isolated hilly areas of N. Dhading where since the 2015 earthquake Dhading Disaster Response Programme has been working. Pray for the safe distribution of this equipment. 
  • Please pray for Church networks at different districts which are donating money to the government Covid19 response funds/plans (Example Bardiya, Surkhet). Pray that Church leaders will have a growing compassion for their communities, and the wisdom to know how to manage the generous response of the people. 
  • Please pray for Cluster Teams who are thinking through their evacuation and medical treatment plans for any staff who fall ill in their working districts during the coming months.
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