Prayer Points – May 1
Prayer Points – May 1
  • Let’s give praise to God for prayers answered.

    -COVID has not escalated exponentially in Nepal. Currently there are 57 cases, 16 of whom are now recoveries, and no deaths. Give thanks, and pray that this disease does not take hold

    -Tansen Hospital report that after the worry of two cases of concern (which on testing proved negative) there have been no further suspicious cases and staff are a little less stressed.

  • Tansen Hospital does ask for prayers for non-Covid medical cases that are coming in – some have been quite difficult and that puts added stress on doctors, nurses and other staff.
  • Les Dornon, Rachel Karrach, and Padma (nurse educator in Tansen) were invited to give a presentation yesterday on COVID to the local health post workers, who were each given a set of PPE. Les was talking about the illness and treatments, and Padma was talking about using the PPEs.
  • Thank God for our partners as they are supporting local governments in their COVID response/relief work. Example: Dhading Christian Society (DCS) has contributed to the Gajuri and Benighat municipalities’ relief efforts by distributing essential food and nonfood items to 40 poor families (in Benighat) and 1200 kg rice to Gajuri food bank.
  • Two long-serving UMN staff members reached the end of their contracts yesterday.  This is a painfully uncertain time to be without a job, and while the lockdown lasts there is little prospect of finding a new one.  Please pray for them and their families, and for the other UMN staff who will be similarly coming to the end of their jobs in the weeks to come.
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