Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

pray for

  • Please
    continue to pray for Miriam Krantz. Her surgery was successful and she is
    recovering well according to her doctor. She is only eating liquids and needs
    to eat more to gain strength. She is having problems with nausea and coughing.

  • Suraj’s
    wife, as she has pain in her back bone. Please pray for total healing.
  •  Pray
    for Phil and Pratiksha’s travel and fruitful time with all family and friends
    in their home country.
  • Mark
    will be visiting BWAA and Dhana will be in Brisbane, they will also be
    participating in INF conference on Saturday.
  • Safety
    and protection of staff as they travel to and from cluster and other places.
  • Wisdom
    and guidance for all planned works and activities.

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