Weekly Prayer
Weekly Prayer

pray for

  • Safety
    and protection of staff traveling to and from clusters and other

  • Public
    Health field Staff members traveling to and from their base to the
    other parts of the VDCs.

  • Mark
    as he continues to travel and meet Supporting Partners in Europe and
    as he flies back to Nepal on Friday.

  • Alan
    and Anne as they complete their work this week and prepare to return
    to the UK after working with UMN for 5 years. UMN will thank them
    for the contribution they made at tea in the garden on October

  • Madhu
    Thapa as he is returning back to Nepal this week after a year study
    in the UK.

  • The
    many people who are suffering from viral fever.

  • The
    bad condition of Bajhang road and other places which is now made
    worse by the heavy rain.

  • The
    Christians and others living in countries like Pakistan and many
    others who are under threat because of deteriorating situation
    caused by a film that is said to be disrespecting Muslim faith.

  • Pray
    for Amrit (Rupandehi) as he has operation for hydrocele this week.

  • Okhaldhunga
    Hostpital as there are only two doctors i.e. Dr. Erik Bohler and Dr.
    Niresh Thapa at present. Pray for the good management etc of the
    patients. Also pray for additional doctors with surgical skills
    for the days to come.

  • Tuk
    Bahadur Harijan, Okhaldhunga Hospital Director, as there are
    difficult interpersonal issues to deal with.

  • The
    Maridol family preparing to travel from Norway to join UMN next week

  • Agnes
    Kavari and children leaving for Kenya where they will meet Joel who
    is returning from Scotland and have furlough together as a family
    in Kenya.

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