Children’s Day today in Nepal
Children’s Day today in Nepal
Happy Nepali Children’s Day to all the children in Nepal! We believe all the children are home today because of the pandemic as all the schools are closed. But here are some encouraging projects that UMN has been doing for the children, to ease the impacts of school closures.  
UMN in connection with the United Nations (UN) Education Cluster has been involved in creating several self-learning resources in Nepali, which are: home-based learning activities for children of the youngest age group and self-learning activities book for Grade 4 to 8. Currently, we are also leading the development of distance-learning education material for Grade 6, as part of a national plan to develop self-learning materials based on the government’s textbooks and curriculum.  
It is a major responsibility and very positive that UMN’s education work has been valued in this way. 
Meanwhile in Rukum East, children are doing their classes through the radio. UMN’s partner was proactive in coordinating with the teachers who can teach in Kham language (native language), and in arranging for the broadcast time and costs involved. With little or no access to the internet, radio classes have worked fine in this hilly district in mid-west Nepal. (See our earlier Rukum Radio news.)

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