COVID-19 vaccines reach Rukum!
COVID-19 vaccines reach Rukum!
What these men are carrying on their backs are boxes with COVID vaccines. They are going up over the narrow paths in the rugged hills of Rukum (mid-west Nepal).
This week 3,684 people in two rural municipalities of Rukum East have received their first dose of vaccine against COVID-19, and the vaccination campaign is ongoing now.
UMN collaborated with the local government, raised awareness and encouraged people to take the vaccine. UMN also worked in the frontline and coordinated the delivery of the vaccines to remote areas, arranged porters to carry senior citizens and people with disabilities who are unable to walk to the vaccine centres. What a beautiful sight it was to see eager elderly people come in from remote areas to the vaccine centres with a piggyback ride!
Thanks to UMN’s Rukum Team and our two local partners, MIC Nepal* & NPAF** for making this important and much needed aid possible.
Get vaccinated, Protect yourself, Protect all!
* Nepal Magar Society Service And Information Center
** Nepal Public Awakening Forum

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