SAVE our HOSPITALS – Update 3 with Dr Rachel Karrach
SAVE our HOSPITALS – Update 3 with Dr Rachel Karrach
With three more persons tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday, the confirmed number of coronavirus cases across the country is 49 as of today.
We are now one month into the lockdown, which we believe has helped to contain the infection spread. But hundreds of migrant workers, people who are struggling to provide food for the family and families who have been evicted by their landlords, have started their long journey on foot from Kathmandu back to their villages. Food packages and rations are being distributed at several centres in the city but there has been much debate on whether it is reaching all those who need it, including the ultra poor. 
Meanwhile, our hospitals in Tansen and Okhaldhunga are staying alert, preparing and dealing with the challenges and uncertainties posed by the current situation. We thank you for easing our stress by your prayer and generous giving. We are so grateful that the donations have now reached USD 111,000. 
We have a recording of a conversation this week between Joel Hafvenstein and Dr Rachel Karrach, Hospital Director from Tansen, which we would like to share with you in this video.  
Thank you again for being faithful friends of UMN.

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