Prayer Points – April 24
Prayer Points – April 24
  • On Wednesday we had an excellent staff meeting on ‘MS Teams’. For most of the time there were about 100 present and the technology held up for almost everyone. It was an important opportunity for staff to ask questions about issues concerning them. The meeting helped understanding of many practical matters, and also created a sense of working together even though we are apart. Praise the Lord for that, and pray that the sense of unity will deepen.
  • Pray for all hospital staff in Tansen & Okhaldhunga. Rachel Karrach and Yubraj Acharya are the Hospital Directors, but remember that there are hundreds of staff – medical, pastoral, administrative, domestic and many other ancillary roles. They are all ‘front line’ and under pressure.
  • Tragically the incidence of violence against women has increased during this lockdown. (for example, in province No 5. a total of 20 cases of rape have been reported since the lock down). Let us pray for the victims and the vulnerable. Pray that perpetrators will realize the evil they are committing and stop.
  • Huge numbers of workers, daily laborers and others in Kathmandu and other cities are thronging in bus stations to hoping to go home. This risks the whole population to the danger of virus transmission. Pray that police, politicians and local government will find the way to deal with this problem.
  • Church groups and many others are active in offering practical help to people in need. Pray that all will be guided to offer the right kind of help while being careful not to do damage by spreading the virus.
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