Prayer Points – April 27
Prayer Points – April 27
  • Financial support for the work of UMN is a major concern in these days. Appeals have gone out for the Hospitals and for our general work. As of today (Monday) the following amounts have been given. 14.9 million NPR (123K USD) from individual donors and churches around the world for COVID-19 response for UMN that includes both hospitals and Clusters work. A further 15 million NPR (USD 126K) has been committed from our existing financial partners for COVID-19 response. For all of this we are deeply grateful. Please continue to pray because the needs are greater still.
  • Work in Hospitals feels very strange. Administrative tasks are currently very great, but on wards and outpatients is it strangely quiet (E.g. Tansen would normally have 500+ outpatients per day, but now it is between 100 – 200. Normally there would be at least 80% bed occupancy, but now it is about 50%). Preparatory work for Covid-19 is progressing. Due to shortage of PPE the workshop in Tansen is making face shields and plastic aprons. Training is being given to nurses on the use of PPE and infection control. Make all of this the subject of your prayers.
  • Suicide rates appear to be on the increase in some of UMN’s working areas.  Although it is too early to attribute this to lockdown or pandemic, it reminds us of the importance of supporting people’s mental health, not just physical health, throughout this crisis.  Please pray for all those struggling with depression, anxiety, and mental ill-health in Nepal.
  • UMN leaders are in the process of agreeing the health and safety protocols for our return to places of work once the lockdown ends.  Please pray for wisdom in deciding the conditions for resuming work both in UMN offices and in the communities we serve in a time of social distancing.
  • Once restriction on international travel is lifted the nation is expecting a huge influx of Nepalis (probably many hundreds of thousands) returning from other countries where their work has ceased. These will be coming to their villages and families where there is already lack of resources, and where there will be no new jobs. Pray about how help can be provided.
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