World Food Day- Food for vulnerable households
World Food Day- Food for vulnerable households
Managing for the most basic needs like food for the whole year is still a struggle for many in the rural areas of Nepal. The global COVID-19 pandemic has further added the burden for some households. Recently UMN with its local partners in Bajhang and Rukum helped to distribute food items to the most vulnerable families.
Bajhang: The *Dalit community including single women, people with disabilities (PWDs) and daily wage workers received food support for their families in Bungal Municipality. The beneficiaries were selected in coordination with the local government and UMN’s partner Dalit Help Society.
A total of 118 families and PWDs received essentials such as rice, lentils, grains, soaps etc along with nutritious food items, baby clothes and sanitation kits for the pregnant women. One quarantine centre also received food and essentials such as soaps and masks for 12 people living in quarantine which has helped reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 in the community by managing the centre better.
Rukum: In Rukum East, 181 of the most vulnerable households of Putha Uttarganga Rural Municipality were supported with food items such as rice and lentils in coordination with partner MIC Nepal. With no road access and due to its remoteness, it took a week starting from 6 October to distribute the food packages for 721 people including PWDs, single men and women.
Awareness banners about COVID-19, child protection, domestic violence and child marriage were also displayed and oriented at all the distribution locations.
*Dalits: Considered as the low-caste and untouchables


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