Prayer Points – April 10
Prayer Points – April 10
  • As today we remember the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf, pray that all UMN staff will have the same attitude as Christ who “took the very nature of a servant” (Phil 2v7). We are in this place at this time to give of ourselves for others
  • Thank God for the generous gift we have received for our hospitals. We have been able to raise USD 39,500 through Hospitals appeal. Please continue to pray for more people to contribute to our hospital funds so that our services to the poor and needy goes uninterrupted
  • Hospital Leadership Teams in Tansen & Okhaldhunga, led by Rachel Kerrach and Yubraj Acharya respectively. They meet with their teams daily and are having to make some major decisions. Wisdom is needed – and patience with staff and others who are fearful.
  • Hospital Staff morale. Many staff are being forced to take annual leave, and are feeling the uncertainty of a paycheck/job. They are also fearful of not having proper or enough PPE.
  • Churches across Nepal have already begun giving food and other help to the poorest people in their communities who have been hardest-hit by lockdowns. UMN has been sharing advice in Nepali on how churches can support their neighbors without spreading the virus. Please pray for protection and blessing on Nepali Christians seeking to love their neighbours in this time of need.

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