Prayer Points – April 13
Prayer Points – April 13
  • Pray for Cluster Team Leaders. When UMN is free to reopen offices they and their teams will be at the front edge of our cluster activities. Currently they need wisdom and help as they plan for responding to Covid19 impact and other actions.
  • Continue to pray that the Hospitals will be added to the Government’s official list of Coronavirus response Hospitals. It has been encouraging that in some other areas local Government has asked for cluster team assistance. Pray that this can be built upon across the board.
  • Hospitals Trainers and front line workers. Les and Bina have been training some peer counselors to be available for staff here. Les and others are trying to make sure all staff have updated and clear information about COVID 19 – to keep rumors from gaining ground. The emergency room staff and the fever clinic staff are our front line – and they need extra prayers.
  • Pray for the leaders of major church groups/denominations in Nepal that they take all possible opportunities to empower their member congregations to prepare well to serve their community in this time of need
  • Pray for the Nation and our leaders. They carry heavy responsibilities. Our desire in UMN is to do everything possible to contribute to a recovery from the impact of this pandemic

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