Prayer Points – April 17
Prayer Points – April 17
  • Some of the community development projects are being brought to a rapid conclusion as adjustments are made and new projects developed that more directly relate to Covid-19. Pray for all those making difficult decisions to revise and end projects. Pray also for innovative and effective new plans.
  • Linked with this there are staff members whose jobs are coming to an end much sooner than expected because of new directions and financial restrictions. Pray that new opportunities will open for them and their families.
  • There is anecdotal evidence from around the country that expectant mothers are not coming to hospitals/health posts with resultant dangers in giving birth at home. Generally, services for expectant mothers are being disrupted. Pray for the safety of these mothers and their babies, and that it will be possible to ensure the provision of necessary services
  • At Okhaldhunga the Mothers’ Waiting Home (a place of support and safety for expectant mothers who live far from medical help) has had to close its doors as it is impossible to have social distancing in the home. It is very difficult to have to do this. Pray that soon the MWH can open its doors again.
  • There are many internally displaced people who are trying to walk to their homes from Kathmandu with a lot of hunger and physical pains. Pray for these people, and that the government works to address their plights, coordinating with other agencies, including local churches the valley.
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