SAVE our HOSPITALS – Update 2
SAVE our HOSPITALS – Update 2
With cases in Nepal creeping up, we understand the lockdown needs to continue, but we know with every day and week the impact on the poorest people living in poverty – those UMN prioritises – increases. As we write, we are waiting for confirmation on whether we have the first case in one of our hospitals – see Joel’s latest update here.
We are so encouraged and humbled by the generosity of those around the world who have donated to UMN’s Save our Hospitals appeal. Thank you! In the last two days alone we received over USD 11,000, meaning our total in two weeks has reached USD 64,600. This covers 22% of the monthly loss across both hospitals. Such an encouraging response in these challenging times. But we still seek to share our appeal to a wider audience as 78% of monthly losses remain uncovered, and as the lockdowns continue the losses will continue!
Pray with us! – In the midst of this rapidly developing worldwide pandemic, we know that we are not in control, that we depend on God’s provision and protection and wisdom. UMN has decided to ask all people of prayer to set aside time each day to ask for God’s help in our work here in Nepal. The time suggested for the UMN staff is 3.00 pm. To assist our prayers, we are sending a bulletin of key points for prayer, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can see the latest points at and also sign up to receive the bulletins by subscribing our prayer mailing list here.
Thank you once again for standing with us in this time while your own countries also suffer. We value your prayers and donations as we seek to continue serving the poorest and most marginalised in Nepal.

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