Prayer Points – April 22
Prayer Points – April 22
  • Some INGOs have begun distributing cash to ultra-poor day laborers in different parts of Nepal. Because the norm for relief in Nepal is food distribution, there has been some criticism in the media and by some central officials. But cash assistance is less likely than food distributions to spread the virus between households, and also provides more benefits to local shops that are withering during the lockdown. Please pray that the government will continue to allow INGOs and NGOs to provide the assistance that is best suited to local needs.
  • With the growth in the Covid19 positive cases to 40, the government is working to increase testing across Nepal. Please pray that this succeeds and provides an accurate picture of the extent of coronavirus infection, to inform everyone’s planning for the future.
  • Pray for UMN’s funding partners around the world who are adjusting their ways of working and budget expectations in light of the pandemic. Many are much worse affected than UMN.
  • Today at 3.00pm (Nepali time) all staff across the country have opportunity to communicate together on MS Teams (similar to Zoom). We will begin with prayer, and then hear about how UMN is planning for the future. Pray for this important effort to help understanding. Staff feel isolated working apart, often struggling with intermittent electricity and/or poor wifi, and trying in their different teams to respond as seems best. It is so important that we have a united understanding and effort.
  • Today two Thapathali staff members, Calle & Ellen Wahlstrom, are travelling to Okhaldhunga to take up temporary residence there and work along with the team in donor communication, grant application and general support. As you receive this they may well still be travelling. Pray for them as they settle in and take up these new roles.
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