Prayer Points – April 20
Prayer Points – April 20
  • The UMN Incident Management Team (IMT) continue to wrestle with the challenge of how best to respond to this growing crisis. Their work is made more difficult by ‘the lockdown’, and the need for lengthy meetings via MS Team. There are twelve members of this team led by Joel Hafvenstein (UMN Executive Director). Currently there is the belief that this crisis may impact our work significantly for at least two years. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance as the IMT makes strategic decisions
  • Give thanks for the generosity of supporters around the world. Gifts to the value of 64,000 US Dollars have been given in two weeks to support the Hospitals. This is a humbling level of support at a time of global crisis. We are deeply grateful. We are also aware that there remains almost 80% of the monthly amount still outstanding. Pray that the Lord will provide
  • The Hospital Leadership Teams are finalizing their contingency plans to meet a ‘surge’ of Covid-19 disease. Continue to pray for these teams and in particular for Dr Rachel Karrach (Tansen) and Yubraj Acharya (Okhaldhunga) who lead these teams. Over the weekend Tansen Hospital had two inpatients who developed symptoms consistent with COVID-19 only after admission.  We thank God that both coronavirus tests came back negative.  Please pray for the hospitals in their difficult task of screening incoming patients for the protection of staff and other patients.
  • Pray for all hospital staff as concern rises. Screening of all patients is becoming more stringent. Staff are scared about the virus and concerned about the security of their jobs. Maintaining morale is a growing challenge
  • UMN though its Integral Development Team has circulated a resource to Christian Faith based groups. This is to help churches respond practically to urgent need in the community brought by Covid-19. This is a time for the Church to be uniting with others to serve everyone and bring help to the most needy. Pray that it will be read widely and will help Church leaders plan the response of their congregation to this need. (Download PDF)
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