Prayer Points – April 29
Prayer Points – April 29
  • The word “revise” is one of the most regularly used words in all our communications these days. Cluster Teams, project partner organisations, funding partner organisations, Incident Management Team are all revising previous plans. This is very disconcerting and difficult. The revisions often depend upon information that is changing and wisdom is needed to plot the new direction. Please pray for all UMN leaders who are engaged in this work.
  • Our Project Partner Organisations around the country are struggling with uncertainties over funding, staffing, and what activities are safe and permitted for them to pursue. They need wisdom and understanding.
  • In Okhaldhunga Indra Tamang is Coordinator of the CBR Unit (Community Based Rehabilitation). He asks prayer for people living with disability and their families whose day to day survival is greatly effected by the lockdown.
  • Prayer for Okhaldhunga Team including CBR staff – especially those who are unable to stay with their family during lockdown period – they have chosen to stay away in order to protect their family and keep them safe.
  • Both hospitals are engaged in work in their wider communities. Staff in Tansen are helping with Corona virus readiness preparation in district health posts. In Okhaldhunga prayer is requested  for God’s guidance for the CBR programme – how to move it forward in this lockdown period, and how to support local government and vulnerable community people in this critical situation. 

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