Prayer Priorities – December 6, 2022
Prayer Priorities – December 6, 2022
“For lack of guidance a nation falls but victory is won through many advisers.”
Prov 11:14, NIV
We encourage everyone who is praying for UMN not only to raise our requests but to listen to God on UMN’s behalf. Please take time to read this Bible verse slowly to yourself. Pause and ask God to speak through His Word. Then read it slowly again. Settle and calm your mind before you pray.  
  • Praise God for Rajendra’s meaningful participation in “Use Your Talents-Asia” Workshop where he could learn about this relatively new approach of Church and Community Transformation, similar to Sangasangai (Church and Community Mobilisation Process)
  • Praise God for the successful gender orientation training in Doti and Sangasangai workshop conducted in Mugu by Radha and Jiwan respectively last week.
  • Give thanks that Bajhang Cluster was able to provide some relief materials to the earthquake-affected families in Thalara Rural Municipality.
  • Give thanks for safety of the staff who recently travelled to Khijidemba village, Okhaldhunga, for dental/medical camps, and for the opportunity to serve people with disabilities.
  • The South Asia Peace Convention was fruitful in consolidating the learnings by strengthening relationships and solidarity among the peace activists in South Asia for sustainable peacebuilding. UMN had the privilege to host the event.
  • Praise God for smooth transition of Finance Team Leader.
  • Please continue to pray for the landslide-affected communities in Mugu and earthquake-affected communities in Doti and Bajhang. They have got food and other necessary things but the winter is here and they need shelter. The Government is surveying the needs, may the report come on time. 
  • The recently conducted election in Nepal was peaceful. Please pray for the formation of new and stable government in Nepal that would work for the welfare of the nation and its people. 
  • Continue to pray for the ongoing cluster and hospital works, especially for new clusters exploration in Madhesh and Karnali Provinces. Two teams are formed to visit respective provinces to carry out needed studies. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.
  • Please pray for God’s wisdom, discernment, and guidance for upcoming LT meeting to be held 8 – 9 December this week.
  • Please continue to pray for the best resolution of UMN’s Thapathali property issue which is prolonged for so long.
  • Please continue to remember Rabbi for his good health as he is recovering. Pray for God’s healing touch in his body, wisdom for the doctors treating him and peace in his heart.
  • Please pray for the upcoming Vision Mission Values Workshop for UMN clusters planned for this month (December). Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance to be with all the facilitators and participants during the workshops. 
Cluster Work
  • Please pray for the upcoming Social Audit and District Project Advisory Committee event in Bajhang Cluster. It is taking place on Friday 9 December. Pray that the event would be an opportunity for us to share about UMN’s vision mission and values to the stakeholders and project beneficiaries from Bungal, Thalara and Chainpur.
Tansen Hospital
  • Please continue to pray for the land use approvals for the wastewater project.
  • Pray for our Hospital Annual General Meeting which will take place on Wednesday 7 December, where we will present the hospital’s annual report to our community. Dhana Lama will be our chief guest and Yub Raj Acharya (Hospital Services Director) will also be here for the meeting.
  • The kick-off meeting for strategic planning for both the hospitals will take place on Saturday.  Pray for wisdom as we make 5-year plans.

Okhaldhunga Hospital
  • Pray for the strength and safety for all our staff who are working in Community Based Rehabilitation. Most of them are in the rural villages of Okhaldhunga.
  • Pray for the safety for our staff who are traveling tomorrow (Wednesday) to Kathmandu
  • Along with Tansen, please pray for the hospitals’ strategic planning meeting on Zoom with Dr. Santosh this Saturday.

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