Prayer Priorities – May 31, 2022
Prayer Priorities – May 31, 2022
“Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near.”
Isaiah 55v6
We encourage everyone who is praying for UMN not only to raise our requests but to listen to God on UMN’s behalf. Please take time to read this Bible verse slowly to yourself. Pause and ask God to speak through His Word. Then read it slowly again. Settle and calm your mind before you pray.  
  • Give praise to God for the faithful service of James and Sandra Chinnery, and also for Arno and Ina Van Turennout. They have supported so many activities both in the work of UMN and also with everyone they have met. UMN is so thankful to have had their help and assures them of prayer as they take their leave from us.
  • Pray assurance and guidance for the Chinnery and Van Turennout families as they return to Austria and Netherlands respectively. Settling to a new life and responsibilities will have many challenges.
  • We ask ongoing persistent prayer regarding the legal challenges to the ownership of our offices at Thapathali. Just last week further legal action was taken without consultation with UMN at all! Pray wisdom and guidance for those in UMN with responsibility to take the correct legal steps. We long for the day when this will be resolved.
  • Tansen Hospital ask prayer that soon positive news will be received from Rotary international on the award of a global grant for the wastewater system. There needs to be assurance that the funding is there to go ahead with this project to clean the wastewater from the hospital and the whole Bhusadada community.
  • Please also pray for the final planning for this work during the monsoon months and that the engineering work can start immediately after the monsoon.
  • Please pray for plans in Tansen to develop a neonatal nursery for sick new-borns and premature babies in our paediatric ward.  We already treat many of these babies but want to take this to the next level of care by starting a dedicated unit.
  • Many of our staff are travelling around Clusters at this time. There has been a lot of pre-monsoon rain in recent weeks and this is making travel difficult and dangerous. Pray for protection and also for energy to complete work on time. Pray that Staff from Thapathali can bring practical help and encouragement to our Clusters and also to our Partners.

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